Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Office Design 2018: 8 Product Trends To Watch This Fall

With the Fall season right around the corner, we thought it would be helpful to provide our valued shoppers with a list of hot design trends to keep an eye on. From mid century modern reception furniture to corner desktop risers, the Fall of 2018 is going to be packed with cool new products and innovative ways to make commercial interiors shine.

1.) Mid Century Modern Reception Seating

mid century modern reception sofa

The mid century movement is in full swing. From lounge chairs to sofas, you can't go wrong with mid century modern furniture for a reception area makeover project. Mid century components will help you earn your welcoming area the compliments it deserves while making great first impressions. If you're loving the mid century look, check out the guest reception furniture from Modway. There selection is excellent and their pricing is very fair.

2.) Perch Stools

ergonomic perch stool

Ergonomic perch stools are the latest craze. With the popularity of sit to stand office furniture in 2018, perch stools are starting to carve out a niche market for themselves. In the coming months, they'll become an industry standard. With an ergonomic perch stool like the Vivo from OFM you can stay active while enjoying extra support at any work surface.

3.) Modular Conference Table Sets

modular conference table set

A modular conference table set will help you collaborate effectively. Brands like Global offer the most popular table configurations on the market from collections like Bungee. While they've been around for several years, they're just starting to generate the popularity they deserve. Bungee tables make it easy to train, meet, and conference effectively in commercial settings. Sets are available in lengths up to 15'. If you don't have the square footage for a full sized training room and a conference room, a Bungee set is a must consider for your business!

4.) Ergonomic Task Stools

ergonomic task stool

Much like perch stools, ergonomic task stools are enjoying a major boost in popularity. While perch stools are great for light-use and workers on the go, ergonomic task stools are intended for longer computing sessions where more adjustment features are needed. Popular task stools like the new Concept 2.0 from Eurotech will change the way you work.

5.) Responsive Computer Chairs

Atto weight sensing office chair

The world of commercial office seating is always evolving. This year, responsive computer chairs are dominating the market. They reduce the need for constant lever pulling and adjusting to provide a unique operating experience. Today's weight sensing office chairs offer exceptional comfort and operational versatility while minimizing the ergonomic learning curve. Once considered very high end and expensive, popular options like the all new ATT106B Atto chair from Cherryman are available this season for just $225.00.

6.) Height Adjustable Executive Workstations

height adjustable ergonomic workstation

If you've invested money in high end office furniture to impress your clientele, you're probably not loving the idea of sitting a bulky desktop riser atop your beautiful workstation to promote sit to stand operating. It's for this reason that modern executives are purchasing height adjustable desk configurations with push button controls. They're easy to use, extremely stylish, and supremely effective. Take a look at Bush Studio C desks for sale this Fall like the STC016 configuration with an electric desk, credenza, hutch, and file pedestals. They've got everything you need to furnish your executive interior.

7.) Open Concept Cubicles

4 person cubicle

Lower the walls and improve collaboration. That's the thinking behind today's open concept cubicles and benching configurations. Sure, high wall panel furniture is great for privacy. The problem is, this type of outdated furniture makes employees feel closed off from one another. With an open concept cubicle configuration you'll see communication improve and morale boosted. Brands like Bush, Global, and Mayline all offer awesome furniture collections that are perfect for creating open concept interiors.

8.) Corner Desktop Risers

sit to stand attachment for a corner workstation

Finally! It was only a matter of time before manufacturers wised up and realized that traditional desktop risers can't be used effectively on L shaped desks and corner workstations. Enter brands like Systematix. They've created an all new Volante sit to stand attachment for corner workstations that offers the same benefits as traditional models, but saves a ton of space. Corner desktop risers might not create the buzz of traditional attachments, but if you're working at an L shaped desk and looking for ways to stay active, they're the only way to go!

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