Thursday, October 18, 2018

Make Great First Impressions With A Cherryman Reception Station

You no doubt want to impress your office visitors the moment they walk in the door. With the reception desks from Cherryman Industries you can make a professional statement while earning your welcoming area the compliments it deserves. Today on the blog we'll highlight our favorite check-in desks from this reputable brand. Prepare to be impressed!

Cherryman Amber Reception DeskFirst up is the AM-400N model L shaped reception desk for sale from the Cherryman Amber collection. This spacious check-in station features a glass counter and includes 2 storage modules for personal organizing. Amber stations are available in 6 finish options to match your decor. At just $1066.00, this desk is an absolutely awesome buy.

Cherryman Emerald Reception DeskThe guest reception desks for sale from the Cherryman Emerald collection are nothing short of luxurious. These wood veneer desks offer exceptional quality and are intended for use in high end work environments. Popular stations like the EM-412N are available in a choice of Cognac Cherry and Mahogany finish options.

Modern Reception DeskLooking to modernize your guest reception area? The Cherryman Verde Collection is your best bet. This full service furniture line offers rectangular and L shaped stations with unique contours and fashionable transaction counters. With matching accent tables and lounge chairs, you'll be well on your way to an elite interior that makes great first impressions.

Cherryman Jade StationThe Cherryman Jade series blends the line between modern and traditional. These veneer workstations are available in Cherry and Mahogany finish options. Popular Jade reception desks like the JA-124N boast reversible returns that allow them to be configured as right or left handed stations.

Cherryman Ruby Reception StationLast but certainly not least are the reception desks from the Cherryman Ruby Collection. These practical stations are well rounded and sure to make a lasting impression without overpowering your space. The Cherry finish used on Ruby components is timeless and refined. A Cherryman Ruby Reception Desk like the RU-223N will do wonders for your workspace.

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