Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The 6 Best Desk Collections For Start Up Businesses

With small business Saturday just a few days away, we thought it would be helpful to provide up and coming start-ups with the furniture suggestions needed to outfit interiors on a budget. Today on the blog we'll showcase 6 commercial quality lines that offer exceptional quality at pricing that can't be beat. Enjoy!

1.) Amber by Cherryman Industries

cherryman amber furniture

As a start up business, it's hard to muster up the cash to invest in high end office furniture. Lucky for you, Cherryman Industries has your back. The best selling desks, modular conference tables, and storage components from this full service line will help you create on-trend interiors without breaking the bank. Amber components are available in 6 laminate finish options. The desks and workstations from this collection are typically in-stock and ship within just 2 days of purchase.

2.) Super Laminate by Offices To Go

superior laminate furniture

Style and quality on a budget! The Offices To Go Superior Laminate collection provides a wide range of modular components designed to furnish interiors of any size. This furniture line is perfect for start up businesses as it offers durable pieces designed for everyday use. Superior Laminate components are sold individually, or as apart of typical configurations that help to simplify the remodeling process. Choose from 4 finishes to personalize your interior.

3.) Medina by Mayline

mayline medina furniture

The Medina office furniture collection is a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals. Medina has been around for a few years now and remains a staple on our best sellers list. With modern finishes and a wide range of components, Medina is a must consider for any start-up looking to create versatile interiors. The powered conference tables and executive desks from this collection are hard to beat!

4.) Zira by Global

Global Zira Desk

As a star-up business, it's wise to avoid mix-matching furniture from various brands. With the Zira collection, you can purchase everything needed for your interiors. This collection is a one stop shop for desks, power ready conference tables, and collaborative workstations. Zira components are made to order and take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to craft. Plan in advance as they're well worth the wait! With more than 15 designer finish options available, Zira will help you design elite interiors that can easily be expanded upon as your businesses needs grow.

5.) Studio C by Bush Business Furniture

Studio C office furniture

Bush Business Furniture takes pride in manufacturing professional desk collections that are ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Studio C components are backed by a 10 year factory warranty and available in a choice of White and Storm Gray finish options that will help modernize your interiors. We love the Studio C line as it even offers height adjustable ergonomic desks that will help keep you and your coworkers active throughout task filled days where regular breaks aren't realistic.

6.) Rize by OFM

OFM Rize cubicles

If you're business is in need of cubicles and panel furniture, the OFM Rize collection is your best option. These modular workstations require no tools for assembly and provide unrivaled value. Rize cubicles can be purchase individually, or as apart of larger layouts to accommodate your specific space requirements.

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