Monday, December 31, 2018

Year In Review: 5 Task Chairs That Raised The Bar In 2018

It was an awesome year in the world of professional seating. Brands like Global, Cherryman, and Eurotech raised the bar with all new ergonomic task chairs equipped with the adjustment features needed to make it through the toughest work days. Today on the blog we'll take a look back at 5 of the best chairs 2018 had to offer.

G1 Ergo Select ChairFirst up is the G1 Ergo Select from Global. This high performance task chair is all about personalized comfort. G1 Ergo Select chairs are available in multiple back and seat variations to fit the user perfectly. This hot new collection even offers adjustable task stools for drafting and design work.

Atto task chairCherryman released 2 new office chairs in 2018. They're both great, but our personal favorite is the Atto. At just $225.00 it became the best weight sensing task chair buy of the year. The ATT106B model Atto chair is very user friendly and automatically responds to body weight to minimize the need for adjusting.

Vera ChairIn the last quarter of 2018, Eurotech introduced the Vera. This modern mesh chair comes equipped with 6 way adjustable arms and a multi functional mechanism that controls the seat depth, height, and tilt angle of the chair.

The MZ33 model Zeppa chair from Enwork is practical, effective, and versatile. These commercial grade task chairs support users up to 300 pounds and look great doing it. The Zeppa chair comes packed with lovable ergonomic features that include a 3 paddle 2-to-1 synchro tilt mechanism with tilt lock and tension controls. With generous dimensions and a refined look, the Zeppa was a go to option for businesses in search of high quality seating.

Modway Stellar ChairModway crafts affordable ergonomic chairs that are perfect for home and business applications. Take one sit in their new Stella chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. This contoured task chair is a must considered for any shopper on a budget. At just $186.25, the Stellar was hard to beat in 2018.

OFM Core ChairThe 540 model Core chair from OFM is sure to be on our best sellers list in 2019 and beyond. This high back mesh chair with segmented mesh cushions and a headrest is the total package. The Core chair offers high end modern appeal with it's polished chrome base while simultaneously making it easy for hardworking executives to enjoy the support they deserve.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Furniture Life: 7 Things To Expect In 2019

The new year is just a few days away. We're gearing up for an awesome January and we hope you are too. Today in our 'Furniture Life' blog series we'll take a look at 7 things we can expect in 2019. From  new products to hot design trends, taking your office interiors to the next level will be easier than ever.

1.) Price Changes

$ $ $ $

The first thing we know for certain is that there will be an abundance of price changes going into effect on the first. Brands like Global, Bush Business Furniture, and iDesk will be increasing product prices by an average of 5% due to tariffs. While this isn't exactly the good news we wanted to kick off today's post with, you guys definitely need to be aware. If you're contemplating an office makeover project, get your order in now to avoid the increases.

2.) Mayline Officially Becomes Safco

Mayline Furniture

After decades of dedication to the furniture world, we're a bit sad to see the Mayline name vanish from the industry. The good news is, all of Mayline's best selling furniture collections, tables, and seating solutions will still be available under the Safco brand. This reputable manufacturer thrives on quality and the ability to create trend setting products designed to refine commercial interiors.

3.) New Office Chairs From Global

Global Prefer Chairs

Now it's time for some good news! The team at Global will yet again shock the seating world with trend setting office chairs equipped with the ergonomic features needed to encourage healthy sitting habits and good posture. Take one look at their Prefer collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. These chairs are absolutely awesome for conference room applications!

4.) Gray Furniture Continues To Shine

gray office furniture

Gray office furniture has absolutely taken over the market. If you're looking to create a fashionable modern interior, consider collections like Zira, Studio C, and Medina in 2019. They offer some of the hottest gray options available.

5.) More Height Adjustable Products

corner sit to stand workstation

Height adjustable furniture isn't going anywhere. The demand for sit-to-stand will be at an all time high in 2019. We know brands like Bush Business Furniture will be storming into the new year with all new desks that make it easy to stay active while improving blood flow and reducing fatigue. Brands like Systematix have also raised the bar with corner sit-stand workstations and heavy duty sit-stand stations that are ready for the rigors of everyday use.

6.) Better Benching

collaborative benching

When cubicle systems started to get kicked to the curb for benching layouts, the options available were pretty limited. This won't be the case in 2019. Brands like Global and iDesk are paving the way with innovative options equipped with surface level power and the modern ergonomic attributes needed to collaborative effectively while sparking creativity.

7.) Cool Modular Seating 

Modular Lobby Seating

Last but certainly not least, we'll see a big shift towards modular lobby seating configurations. While lounge chairs and sofas will still have their place, modular seating layouts make it easy to maximize square footage and improve the guest experience. Today's modular seating collections like Jefferson from Woodstock Marketing have interior design teams buzzing. They're incredibly cool and equally versatile.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Office Awards 2018

It's been an awesome year in the world of professional furniture and seating. Brands like Cherryman Industries, Global, and Bush Business Furniture paved the way with innovative new products that set interior-refining trends in motion while simultaneously boosting operational functionality. In our 4th annual edition of 'The Office Awards' we'll highlight the best 2018 had to offer. Prepare to be impressed!

Finish of The Year: Storm Gray by Bush Business Furniture

Studio C Storm Gray Finish

With the popularity of gray office furniture at an all time high, the Storm Gray option available on the components from the Studio C collection from Bush Business Furniture stole the show in 2018. This full service line of executive workstations and sit-stand desks makes it easy to create upscale interiors without breaking the bank.

Chair of The Year: Sora by Global

Sora Chair

Global raised the bar in 2018 with the release of the Sora seating collection. This line of weight sensing task chairs offers an unrivaled combination of appeal, comfort, and functionality. Sora chairs respond to the weight of the user and encourage healthy sitting habits. With choice of high and mid back models available, Sora is perfect for commercial applications and all day computing.

Collection of The Year: Fulcrum by OFM

OFM Fulcrum Furniture

There were not many new furniture collections to choose from in 2018. To be fully honest, it probably wouldn't have mattered. The Fulcrum desk collection from OFM would have still taken the top prize. This industrially inspired line of modular office components is an absolute winner. Fulcrum pieces can be purchased individually to ensure you don't overspend on things you don't need. With Fulcrum you can refine interiors of any size.

Best Ergonomic Product: Volante Corner Workstation by Systematix

Best Ergonomic Product 2018

The Volante corner workstation from Systematix is ultra versatile, incredibly well made, and very easy to use. There's a ton of sit to stand products on the market these days, but this one is specifically intended for use with corner desks and will help you maximize your operational space. This station even features a built in keyboard platform and support up to 35 pounds of equipment.

Best Conference Table: Zira by Global Total Office

Zira Conference Table

It's number 1 until it isn't. For two years, Zira conference tables have been the preferred choice of interior design teams, industry professionals, and businesses looking to streamline meetings. This full service line of power ready tables and matching accessories is unrivaled. Sure there's a ton of power ready conference line available, but none offer the versatility and value of Zira.

Best Bargain Buy: Atto Chair by Cherryman Industries

atto chair

You just can't beat the value provided by the ATT106B model Atto chair from Cherryman Industries. At just $225.00, this weight sensing office chair will provide you with the support and user friendly adjustment features needed to adapt on the fly. These days, getting comfortable at work can be pretty expensive. With the Atto, it doesn't have to be!

Best Lounge Collection: Jefferson by Woodstock Marketing

modular lounge furniture

Our second repeat winner! For the second year the Jefferson lounge collection has found itself atop the industry. This line of easy to spec modular components makes it easy to maximize square footage and think outside the realm of traditional sofa configurations. Pair that with matching coffee tables that feature pop-up power inputs, and you've got yourself one heck of a well rounded line.

Best New Product: Medina Sit-Stand Desk by Mayline

medina sit-stand desk

The Medina collection got a major boost in 2018. This popular office furniture line now offers electric sit-stand desks that make it easy to stay active while improving blood flow and reducing fatigue. Medina sit stand desks are available in rectangular and L shaped variations that can be paired with a wide range of matching components. With 5 finish options available, these new desks are a must consider.

Trend of The Year: Collaboration

conference room collaboration

From conference tables to large benching systems, collaborative workplace solutions dominated 2018. The ability to encourage team strategizing and creativity was made possible with unique products like the Focal Confluence table from Safco, open concept cubicles from the Bush Easy Office collection, and benching systems from Global lines like SideBar. Reset assured, the days of making employees feel closed off from one another have come to an end.

Brand of The Year: Global

Best Office Furniture Brand 2017

There's no denying it. Global was king of the office in 2018. With several new seating and table collections, Global proved yet again why they're the best. Many top brands went through issues related to tariffs and buyouts. Throughout the 4th quarter of 2018 Global stood strong and maintained a commitment to their customers and dealers alike with innovative new products that offer unmatched value. Their products are of the highest quality and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. If you need to furniture, start your search with this world renowned brand.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Office Ergonomics: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Task filled work days can be a grind throughout the holiday season. That's why it's important to arm your space with the ergonomic tools needed to stay productive. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 must have products for any worker looking to operate at peak performance levels.

dual screen monitor armTreat yourself to additional desk space and improved posture this holiday season with the AC99832-03 model dual screen monitor arm from Bush Business Furniture. This practical and affordable ergonomic accessories can be used with just about any desk. At just $179.99, it's a great buy that will provide your workspace with operational benefits for years to come.

ESI Articulating Keyboard TrayIf you spend a lot of time typing emails and reports at your desk, an articulating keyboard tray is a must. It will help you reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome while simultaneously increasing available desk space. We recommend any of the combo solutions from the team at ESI.

systematix volante heavy duty workstationSit to stand desktop risers have become incredibly popular in 2018. They've rapidly become an industry standard thanks to a long list of operational benefits that start with improved comfort. With a heavy duty sit to stand workstation like the HD42 from Systematix you can accommodate up to 45 pounds of equipment and stay active throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Ergonomic Perch Stool - Mobis by SafcoPair your sit to stand furniture with an ergonomic perch stool to enjoy a little extra support without sacrificing the continuous posture changes encouraged by height adjustable components. We absolutely love the Mobis FFS-1000 from Safco. It's very comfortable and equally cool. The Mobis perch stool is available for $329.99 in 4 quick shipping color options.

ergonomic deskIf you really want to take your workspace to the next level, there's no better option than a height adjustable desk like the all new AT57 from the Aberdeen collection. This electric desk that raises and lowers at the push of a button will really keep you moving. When hourly breaks to avoid extended sits aren't practical, a cutting edge desk like the AT57 is the way to go. The best part is, the Aberdeen collection offers a wide range of matching components in 6 designer finish options to help refine your interior.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Year In Review: 7 Products That Defined Office Interiors In 2018

As 2018 winds to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on what a great year its been. Brands like Global, Woodstock Marketing, and Cherryman Industries raised the bar with innovative new products  that refined commercial interiors and paved the way for improved collaboration and comfort. Today on the blog we'll showcase 7 products that took the year by storm.

1.) Kadin Conference Tables

Kadin Table

The conference tables from the Global Kadin collection are professional, fashionable, and versatile. Even at first glance, these designer tables will grab your attention. A Kadin conference table will help define your meeting area while encouraging collaboration. With a variety of sizes, finish options, and power upgrades to choose from, Kadin rapidly became a go to option for professional conference room makeover projects in 2018.

2.) Jefferson Seating by Woodstock Marketing

Modular Lounge Seating

Known for their mid century modern office chairs, Woodstock Marketing raised the bar in 2018 with a whole new line of modular seating that's perfect for commercial waiting areas. The Jefferson collection offers transitional components that make it easy to think outside the box with lobby remodeling projects. Jefferson chairs and tables work in harmony to maximize appeal and available square footage.

3.) Atto Chair by Cherryman Industries

Atto Chair

Who says comfort can't be affordable? With the ATT106B model Atto chair from Cherryman Industries, working with good posture is a breeze. This weight sensing task chair priced at just $225.00 is nothing short of impressive. The Atto automatically responds to the user in order to cut down on the time spent adjusting tension knobs and levers to achieve the perfect sit.

4.) Focal Locus Desk by Safco

Focal Locus Desk

The demand for height adjustable office furniture is at an all time high. Desks like the Focal Locus from Safco encourage continuous movement in the workplace while reducing fatigue and improving personal posture. This height adjustable desk is spacious, easy to use, and incredibly well made.

5.) Volante Corner Workstation by Systematix

Volante corner workstation

Released just a couple of months ago, the Volante corner workstation from Systematix has already made its impression felt. This height adjustable desktop riser is ready for the demands of the modern workplace and available for $339.99. Traditional desktop risers are widely available from almost any reputable brand, but this is one of the only options to pair with corner workstations.

6.) Adapt Transitional Tables by OFM

OFM Adapt Tables

Get creative with your office training room and classroom environments. The transitional tables from the OFM Adapt Series offers unrivaled versatility and endless possibilities. These modular solutions are available in professional and student variations. Adapt tables can be purchased individually in 6 shapes and 4 finish options. They're affordable, easy to use, and adjustable.

7.) Medina Height Adjustable Desk by Mayline

Height Adjustable Medina Desk

The most popular office furniture collection on the market since 2016 got a major upgrade this year. Medina now offers height adjustable desks that encourage sit to stand transitioning at the push of a button. If you're tackling an office makeover project, these ergonomically correct desks are a must consider. In finish options like Gray Steel and Sea Salt, Medina will keep your space up to date with the latest trends while simultaneously helping you work healthy.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Office Design Trends: The Best of 2018

Today on the blog we're taking a look back at the hottest design trends of 2018. This year brands like Global, Mayline, and Bush Business Furniture crafted innovative workplace solutions designed to refine interiors while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. From ergonomic benching to gray office furniture finish options, the trends set in motion this year are sure to contribute to remodeling projects in 2019 and beyond.

1.) Ergonomic Benching

ergonomic office benching

Last year we saw the demand for benching systems increase dramatically. In 2018, manufacturers like Global took the trend a step further with ergonomic benching collections like Intelli Beam. The ability to encourage collaboration, creativity, and healthy work habits will keep ergonomic benching hot for years to come.

2.) Mid Century Modern Conference Chairs

Mid Century Modern Conference Chairs

Thanks to brands like Woodstock Marketing, mid century modern conference room chairs became incredibly popular in 2018. Chairs like the Jimi and Janis took meeting areas by storm. Mid century conference chairs offer the sleek design characteristics needed to maximize available table space without sacrificing the support and comfort needed to work effectively.

3.) Standing Height Tables

standing height conference table

Products like the Focal Confluence table from Safco made it possible to host active conference room meetings without the need for extended sits. With the popularity of the Focal Confluence table, competing brands jumped on board with standing height ables of their own. If you're looking to design a group work area, we highly recommend checking out standing height table collections like Endure from OFM. They're incredibly beneficial and versatile.

4.) Multi User Reception Desks

2 person reception desk

There's always been a need for multi user reception desks. That being said, we saw the demand increase greatly in 2018. Reception desks like the AM-404N from the Cherryman Industries Amber collection were a huge hit. This station offers plenty of operational space and won't break your remodeling budget.

5.) Perch Stools

ergonomic perch stool

Ergonomic perch stools make it easy to enjoy extra support while working at standing height surfaces. They're also portable and perfect for workers on the go. Popular options like the Vivo from OFM will continue to be must have items in 2019 and beyond.

6.) Modular Waiting Room Seating

modular waiting room seating

Businesses were ready to think outside the realm of traditional sofa and lounge chair configurations in 2018. With modular waiting room seating configurations, it was easier than ever. Collections like Jefferson offer the components needed to create unique layouts that improve the visitor experience.

7.) Weight Sensing Task Chairs

weight sensing task chair

Tired of pulling adjustment levers and twisting tension knobs to achieve the perfect sit? Brands like Cherryman heard your call. In 2018 weight sensing task chairs like the Atto dominated the seating world. Weight sensing chairs automatically respond to the user to take the guess work out of getting comfortable.

8.) Height Adjustable Executive Desks

Medina adjustable desk

Business executives don't really like the idea of placing sit to stand attachments atop their high end furniture. They much prefer electric desks that adjust at the push of a button and look great doing it. Take one look at Medina height adjustable desk configurations from Mayline and you'll quickly see what we mean.

9.) Open Concept Cubicles

open concept cubicles

We saw plenty of cubicle configurations get kicked to the curb in 2017, but this year they made a noticeable comeback. Thanks to open concept collections like Rize from OFM, businesses were able to create just the right amount of privacy and noise reduction without sacrificing the ability to collaborate effectively and create clean sight lines on the work floor.

10.) Gray Office Furniture

gray office furniture

Last but certainly to least, no trend was hotter in 2018 than that of gray office furniture. Collections like Studio C from Bush Business Furniture offer the desk configurations needed to create upscale interiors with just the right amount of modern flair. Gray office furniture is now offered by nearly every furniture manufacturer on the planet. If you're tired of traditional tones like cherry, maple, and mahogany, going gray has never been cooler!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Deal Finder: 2018's Best Reception Desk Buys

Creating a fashionable guest reception area that's up to date with the latest trends doesn't have to cost a fortune! In this edition of 'Deal Finder' we'll showcase the best reception desk buys of 2018 from industry leading brands like Bush Businesses Furniture, Offices To Go, and Cherryman. With designer stations available under $1000.00, you'll have funds to spare for your project. Prepare to be impressed!

1.) Bush Business Furniture Series C Reception Desk - SRC096

Bush Business Furniture Series C Reception Desk

At just $749.99, the SRC096 reception desk from the Bush Series collection is a great buy. This attractive station is 72" wide and includes a mobile 3-drawer pedestal. The SRC096 reception desk is available in 7 finish options. Matching office desks, tables, and storage components are available from this popular furniture line.

2.) Offices To Go Superior Laminate Reception Desk - SL-O

Offices To Go Reception Desk

Plenty of operating space, a reversible return, and a 3-drawer storage pedestal make the Offices To Go SL-O reception desk a great buy at just $689.99. Available in 4 finish options, you'll be hard pressed to find a better all-around station for your welcoming area.

3.) Cherryman Industries Amber 2 Person Reception Desk - AM-403N

2 Person Reception Desk

Finding an affordable reception desk for 2 workers is easier said than done. The AM-403N comes in at $1886.00 and is probably the best option on the market for businesses on the budget. This large U shaped desk offers 4 storage pedestals and a modular design. The AM-403N can be paired with a wide range of matching components from this affordable line from Cherryman.

4.) OFM Rize 2 Person Reception Desk - PG297-2

OFM Rize Reception Desk

The other budget friendly option for businesses on the hunt for 2 person reception desk is the PG297-2 from the OFM Rize collection. This 10' wide station matches the open concept cubicles from the Rize collection and makes it easy to create practical group work environments with a well rounded look. At $2415.99, the PG297-2 is a great way to go if you're also in need of cubicles for your space. No tools are needed for assembly!

5.) Mayline Sterling Reception Desk - STRC72

Mayline Sterling Reception Desk

Okay modern office furniture shoppers, this next reception desk is for you! The STRC72 from the Mayline Sterling collection is ready, willing, and able to make your interior pop. At the everyday low price of $988.99, this glass accented reception station with surface extensions is an absolute winner.

6.) Global Zira Reception Desk - Z2460RDB

Global Zira Reception Desk

The office furniture from the Global Zira collection is made to order and takes around 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture. That being said, it's well worth the wait. This 65.4" wide bow front reception station is available in more than 15 finish options. With an array of power ready conference tables and modular workstations available, Zira is your best bet for big projects. At $972.99, this is the most affordable reception desk from the collection.

7.) OFM Marque Reception Desk - 55310
Marque Reception Desk

The 55310 reception desk from the OFM Marque collection is available in 4 popular finish options. This curved front reception station has been a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals for years. At $1152.99 it's well deserving of its spot in today's 'Deal Finder' post.

8.) Mayline Medina Reception Desk - MNRS

Medina Reception Desk

Spacious, modern, and value priced! What more could you ask for? The MNRS Medina reception desk from Mayline will run you $1363.99. It's available in 5 of the hottest furniture finish options on the market in 2018.

9.) Cherryman Industries Verde Reception Desk - VL-816

Verde Reception Desk

At just $758.00, the VL-816 reception desk from the Cherryman Verde collection was a must for today's post. This 82" wide station is available in a choice of Latte and Espresso finish options that are truly stunning. The furniture from the Verde collection is a must consider for any shopper looking to create high end modern interiors.

10.) Offices To Go Reception Desk - SL7130RDS

discount reception desk

We wanted to wrap up today's post with the most affordable reception desk we could find. That being said, we didn't want to choose a cheap product that wasn't ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Rest assured the SL7130RDS has you covered in terms of quality and style. This open reception desk shell priced at just $363.99 is the definition of a "great buy".