Monday, December 10, 2018

Office Design 2018: Popular Group Workstations & Cluster Desks

It's been all about collaboration in 2018! That being said, group workstations have become incredibly popular. From cluster desks to open concept benching, industry leading brands like Global, Bush Business Furniture, and OFM have been hard at work crafting new furniture designed to encourage creativity and employee interaction. Today on the blog we'll showcase the hottest group workstations on the market. Enjoy!

Global Bungee Table ConfigurationFirst on the list is the BK180F Bungee table configuration from Global. This modular package includes 6 freestanding tables that can be connected together to form a 15' long conference table, or used in a variety of other unique layouts to meet the needs of any task. With the BK180F you can combine the functionality of conference and training areas while maximizing your available square footage.

2 Person DeskUp next is the Bush Business Furniture 400S142 model 2 person desk configuration from the 400 Series. This industrially inspired workstation includes 2 table desks in addition to 2 storage modules for organizing. The divider screen helps to provide just the right amount of privacy without restricting the ability to collaborate.

V shaped office table configurationThird on our list of popular group workstations is another table layout from Global. This time it's from the Junction series! This V shaped office table configuration offers an open concept feel and plenty of operating space. The center of the table is perfect for accommodating guest speakers and presenters. At just $1878.99, this Junction table set is a great buy.

OFM Endure TablesWe absolutely love the group workstations from the OFM Endure Series. We've showcased them several times and they're rapidly becoming a go-to option for businesses looking to think outside the realm of traditional conference room furniture. Endure tables feature standing height surfaces with integrated power inputs. When paired with swivel out seats, Endure tables make it easy to stay active, engaged, and creative!

Open Concept CubiclesThe open concept cubicles from the Bush Easy Office collection live up to their name. These group workstations are super simple to assemble and make it very easy to create collaborative interiors. As cubicles go, they're definitely amongst our favorites!

OFM Rize WorkstationWe also love OFM Rize cubicles and cluster desks. They require no tools for assemble and won't break the budget. With Rize, the options for your interior are limitless. These versatile workstations make it easy to think outside the box with your work floor.

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