Monday, December 17, 2018

Office Design Trends: The Best of 2018

Today on the blog we're taking a look back at the hottest design trends of 2018. This year brands like Global, Mayline, and Bush Business Furniture crafted innovative workplace solutions designed to refine interiors while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. From ergonomic benching to gray office furniture finish options, the trends set in motion this year are sure to contribute to remodeling projects in 2019 and beyond.

1.) Ergonomic Benching

ergonomic office benching

Last year we saw the demand for benching systems increase dramatically. In 2018, manufacturers like Global took the trend a step further with ergonomic benching collections like Intelli Beam. The ability to encourage collaboration, creativity, and healthy work habits will keep ergonomic benching hot for years to come.

2.) Mid Century Modern Conference Chairs

Mid Century Modern Conference Chairs

Thanks to brands like Woodstock Marketing, mid century modern conference room chairs became incredibly popular in 2018. Chairs like the Jimi and Janis took meeting areas by storm. Mid century conference chairs offer the sleek design characteristics needed to maximize available table space without sacrificing the support and comfort needed to work effectively.

3.) Standing Height Tables

standing height conference table

Products like the Focal Confluence table from Safco made it possible to host active conference room meetings without the need for extended sits. With the popularity of the Focal Confluence table, competing brands jumped on board with standing height ables of their own. If you're looking to design a group work area, we highly recommend checking out standing height table collections like Endure from OFM. They're incredibly beneficial and versatile.

4.) Multi User Reception Desks

2 person reception desk

There's always been a need for multi user reception desks. That being said, we saw the demand increase greatly in 2018. Reception desks like the AM-404N from the Cherryman Industries Amber collection were a huge hit. This station offers plenty of operational space and won't break your remodeling budget.

5.) Perch Stools

ergonomic perch stool

Ergonomic perch stools make it easy to enjoy extra support while working at standing height surfaces. They're also portable and perfect for workers on the go. Popular options like the Vivo from OFM will continue to be must have items in 2019 and beyond.

6.) Modular Waiting Room Seating

modular waiting room seating

Businesses were ready to think outside the realm of traditional sofa and lounge chair configurations in 2018. With modular waiting room seating configurations, it was easier than ever. Collections like Jefferson offer the components needed to create unique layouts that improve the visitor experience.

7.) Weight Sensing Task Chairs

weight sensing task chair

Tired of pulling adjustment levers and twisting tension knobs to achieve the perfect sit? Brands like Cherryman heard your call. In 2018 weight sensing task chairs like the Atto dominated the seating world. Weight sensing chairs automatically respond to the user to take the guess work out of getting comfortable.

8.) Height Adjustable Executive Desks

Medina adjustable desk

Business executives don't really like the idea of placing sit to stand attachments atop their high end furniture. They much prefer electric desks that adjust at the push of a button and look great doing it. Take one look at Medina height adjustable desk configurations from Mayline and you'll quickly see what we mean.

9.) Open Concept Cubicles

open concept cubicles

We saw plenty of cubicle configurations get kicked to the curb in 2017, but this year they made a noticeable comeback. Thanks to open concept collections like Rize from OFM, businesses were able to create just the right amount of privacy and noise reduction without sacrificing the ability to collaborate effectively and create clean sight lines on the work floor.

10.) Gray Office Furniture

gray office furniture

Last but certainly to least, no trend was hotter in 2018 than that of gray office furniture. Collections like Studio C from Bush Business Furniture offer the desk configurations needed to create upscale interiors with just the right amount of modern flair. Gray office furniture is now offered by nearly every furniture manufacturer on the planet. If you're tired of traditional tones like cherry, maple, and mahogany, going gray has never been cooler!

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