Friday, January 18, 2019

8 Ways To Enhance Your Waiting Room In 2019

Gearing up for a waiting room makeover project can be tricky. There's enough new products and remodeling ideas there to frazzle even the most experienced designer. Rest assured, we're here to help. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 8 sure fire ways to create a guest welcoming area that's up to date with the latest trends.

1.) Tufted Sofas

tufted sofa

There's been a huge demand for tufted sofas. Once thought of as traditional, tufted sofas are now popular for modern and contemporary welcoming areas. Best sellers like the Earl from Modway are available in color options like beige and gray to make your space pop. Matching chairs are also offered to complete the look.

2.) Tablet Chairs

sirena tablet chair

Businesses are loving tablet arm chairs because they improve the visitor experience. Chairs like the Sirena from Global offer guests the ability to work while they wait, without the need to slide over your coffee table. Tablet chairs are now widely available in leather and designer fabric upholstery options.

3.) Modular Seating Configuration

modular waiting room seating

If you're looking to maximize your available square footage, modular waiting room seating is the way to go. Start your search with the Jefferson collection from Woodstock Marketing. It offers really cools sets that take the guess work out of the design process.

4.) Rustic Accent Tables

rustic coffee table

Create timeless vibes with a set of rustic accent tables. From professional furniture manufacturers to local home stores, there's plenty of rustic coffee and end table sets to choose from. If you're hunting for something really unique, check out antique stores, flea markets, and even Facebook Marketplace.

5.) Curved Reception Desk

curved reception desk

A curved reception desk will help your welcoming area look professional from any angle. There's not a ton to choose from, but once you check out the options from the OFM Marque collection you won't need to look any further. These contoured desks are affordable, on trend, and don't require any tools for assembly.

6.) Fashionable Lighting

Fashionable Floor Lamp

The difference is in the details! Once the main elements of your space have been purchased, fashionable lighting will take your interior over the top. The best place to find discount lighting is online. Local fixture stores can be very expensive. Needless to say, finding cool accent lighting for your waiting room is pretty easy. The selection is beyond extensive.

7.) Powered Furniture

side table with usb ports

Integrating powered furniture and seating into your waiting room is just plain smart. Much like tablet chairs, powered components make it easy for valued visitors to work and charge devices without fear of draining precious battery life. Unique products like the ACCTAB model side table with USB ports from OFM will help take your interior to the next level for just $135.99.

8.) Cool Area Rug

cool area rug

Last but not least, spice up your waiting room with a cool area rug. Bare tile and carpet won't do much for your vibe. If you want to earn you space the compliments it deserves, go above and beyond with an area rug that compliments your furniture and seating.

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