Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Think Modular With Global Bungee Tables

Global Bungee SeriesThe best office remodeling projects place an emphasis on ergonomic functionality and modular versatility. No professional furniture manufacturer understands this better than Global. Take one look at their Bungee collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. This line of multi purpose tables makes it easy to create transitional interiors that are ready, willing, and able to adapt on the fly.

Bungee Conference TableWether you're designing a training space, conference room, or collaborative work area for your business, Bungee has your back. The quick connect tables from the Bungee series are designed to maximize square footage while boosting corporate appeal.

Bungee Table ConfigurationBungee comes complete with table tops, legs and connecting cords that make for quick and easy reconfiguring of table settings without the need for any tools. In terms of value and versatility, the Bungee collection is in a league of its own.

Global Bungee Table SetBungee tables are an affordable investment for growing companies looking to create multi purpose interiors built for creativity and collaboration. Bungee can be used effectively in classrooms, training areas, and boardrooms.

Bungee Training Tables
Moving from space to space is a breeze with Bungee. Individual tables are available in a wide range of surface shapes that can be combined to meet the needs of any task.

Bungee Table ConnectorsInterior design teams love the Bungee collection. With more than 15 laminate finish options, creating unique office interiors that are up to date with the latest trends is easier than ever. Bungee makes a professional statement that will earn your work environments the compliments they deserve.

Bungee Collaborative TablesIn addition to individual tables, Bungee offers modular sets that create full sized conference tables when connected. Popular Bungee table layouts like the BXK132S offer everything needed to combine conference and training capabilities.

Bungee table sets are surprisingly affordable when you consider their modular versatility and overall functionality. Configurations are available starting at $2198.99 and include free shipping direct from the manufacturer.

Bungee TablesThe flip top tables from this collection are of particular interest as they an be staged along perimeter walls when not in use. Flip top Bungee tables can also be moved in groupings to save time.

In the long run, there's plenty of modular table collections on the market today. However, none are on the same level as Bungee. An industry staple for more than 10 years, this collection continuously finds itself the preferred choice of growing businesses.

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